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7 really fun things to do in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom during the holidays

Whether you’re a local just looking for interesting activities or perhaps a new visitor to the area, these places and/or things should make your visit to the area delightful. Of course, we’ve got two comfy and warm places for you to stay with tons of options so reserve your room now with either the Newport City Inn & Suites or the Derby Four Seasons Inn & Suites. When it comes to comfort and a warm place to relax and sleep, we’ve literally got you covered!

  1. Do you like to ski or snowboard?
    If so, then you’ll LOVE Jay Peak! Jay Peak is a four season resort in Northern Vermont, close to Canada and the Burlington, VT area. Enjoy the East’s best skiing and snowboarding. Jay offers a mountain getaway for everyone. After skiing, restaurants and pubs welcome you to a relaxing way to wind down and warm up. Kids young and old will love the year-round indoor water park and ice arena if skiing and snowboarding aren’t your thing.

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If you’ve ever wondered what happened to the picturesque Vermont of days gone by, well you’re in luck! With much of Vermont changing rapidly and losing much of it’s traditional character and culture, the Northeast Kingdom is perhaps your best bet for experiencing Vermont the way it was in days long past.

Courtesy of James Walsh

Courtesy of James Walsh

Traditional Vermont values and family life still survive

It’s not easy to find old fashioned general stores anymore and covered bridges are not as plentiful as they used to be. Neighbors don’t know each other as much as they used to “back in the good old days”.

Except in the Northeast Kingdom! Driving through many local towns these days, you’ll notice that there haven’t been a lot of changes over the years. Though logging and manufacturing isn’t quite what it used to be, the towns are still hanging on and adapting as best as they can.

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Ready for autumn foliage season in Vermont?

The colors are already starting to appear, the nights are getting cooler and the leaves are starting to fall throughout Vermont’s fabled Northeast Kingdom. If you’re staying with us at the Newport City Inn & Suites or the Derby Four Seasons Inn & Suites, then you are in the perfect place for viewing gorgeous Vermont autumn foliage. Here is a quick guide of some of the area’s best scenic areas.

Let’s get started on our fall foliage tour, right here in Newport, VT.


Lake Memphremagog, a stone’s throw from our location

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Cool breezes & Vermont Country Fairs

autumn jay peak vt

…can only mean ONE thing. Autumn is just around the corner!

With the Orleans County Fair just ending, the locals say that it marks the official “end of summer” and with the cool temps of the past couple days, that certainly seems true! However, summer isn’t giving up yet with warm days coming back very soon.

Vermont’s fall foliage season begins around mid-September and the Northeast Kingdom has some of the most spectacular colors and locales in the state. With glorious autumn hues, also comes “leaf peepers” and area hotels and lodging vacancies tend to disappear quickly.

newport city inn and suites
With that in mind, we encourage you to plan accordingly and book ahead for a stay at one of our two locations, Newport City Inn & Suites or the Derby Four Seasons.





20 Interesting Facts about Vermont! How Many of these did you know?

1.The Green Mountain State is the other name of Vermont.

2.The state has earned a substantial amount of acclaim for its maple syrup.

3.The officially recognized fair of Vermont is staged in Rutland. The event is organized every September.

4.Mount Mansfield has a height of 4,393 feet. It is the tallest location in the state.

5.In 1609 Samuel de Champlain went around Vermont and claimed ownership of the state as a representative of France.

6.It was in 1724 that the English settlers turned up at the state.

7.Vermont became a part of USA on 4th March 1791. It was the 14th state.

8.The French words verts monts signify mountains that are green in color. These are the source word for the state’s name.

9.The earliest indigenous tribes to have resided in Vermont are Abenaki, Penacook and Mahican.

10.Of all the state capitals in USA, Montpellier has the slightest population.

11.Freedom and Unity is the officially accepted motto.

12.Sugar maple is the officially recognized tree.

13.Apple is the officially acknowledged fruit of Vermont.

14.Washington is the state’s geographic center.

15.Fort Ste. Anne was set up in 1666. It was the earliest French establishment in Vermont.

16.The earliest constitution was accepted in 1777.

17.Phish, a famous rock music outfit started its career in Burlington.

18.IBM and Ben & Jerry’s are the largest providers of jobs in the state.

19.Crown Point and Fort Ticonderoga were won by the Green Mountain Boys, who were helmed by Ethan Allen, in 1775. It is regarded as an important victory at the time of the American Revolutionary War.

20.New York and New Hampshire have laid claim to the state at various occasions.


Source: http://www.mapsofworld.com/usa/facts-and-trivia/vermont.html

An Owners Welcome! Posted November 25, 2015


At my Inn, I work very hard with my staff to ensure they welcome guests as though it were me standing at the front desk handing the guest the key to their room. Everything they say and do is a reflection of the warm welcoming spirit that I treat guest with personally. This newsletter is no different. It is our very first and we consider it a vital new member of our staff.

My team and I are dedicated to training this newsletter to extend to you interesting information about our Inn along with the surrounding area. It’s just another way to give you that warm welcome that our guests have come to expect whenever they visit. We hope this first issue speaks to you in that you will anticipate each future publication.

In our newsletter you will find information about our Inn, the staff, the Northeast Kingdom and the Newport area. We plan to publish thought provocative articles that speak to the pleasure as well as the business traveler. Our calendar will keep you in the know of area events, seasonal rate notices and special dates. The INNsource featured almanac will give you a monthly weather outlook for outdoor activities like skiing, fishing, hiking, boating and much, much more.

Everything we include in our newsletter is just another way to say come stay with us, feel welcomed, and let us take care of the rest.

Darrick Granai/Owner

Area Businesses We Recommend Posted November 25, 2015


For a complete list of reasons to visit our area of the Northeast Kingdom, check out our other local attractions.

Northeast Kingdom BusinessesAlso, check out our October 2015 Newsletter


What happens when a guest forgets to pack something when traveling? Their first action is to call or go to the front desk and ask for help. The front desk agent may be able to help if it’s a simple request for an everyday sundry, newspaper, or extra amenity. However, if the request is for something the hotel doesn’t offer, the guest normally has to travel to get it.

Then the next question becomes, “Where can I find it?” A hotel agent is normally very knowledgeable about the area and knows where to find the best resources for their guests. This information could vary from agent to agent because of their different experiences. The information from a first shift agent could be quite different from that of a third shift agent.

The successful lodging property has already predetermined what businesses, local, national, or international, are considered preferred and instructs their staff to promote only those businesses. It is still done as a courtesy to the guest, but it’s an extended courtesy to the business that’s being promoted—basically free PR.

Hotel owners are wising up to the monetary value their clout has in promoting a business. They’ve begun questioning their reasons for promoting businesses that haven’t truly partnered with them by offering advertising costs, paid advertisements on lodging websites and social media, as well as a sponsored presence on printed material.

According to statistics, businesses that offer monetary support in some way, experience a 17% revenue increase in any given year. Businesses that pay to be preferred at any given lodging property are having customers guided right to their front doors. This holds true for not-so-local companies as well. Tour companies, airlines, motor coach providers and so on, can also benefit from the monetary support they give, because the lodging property is the familiar and trusted face in front of the guest.

This trifecta of tourism is a win, win for all. Guests stay satisfied while the lodging and its partners see an increase in revenues. It is a far less expensive way to promote a business than spending thousands of dollars for ineffective advertising. Partnering with lodging properties guarantees driven traffic to your business door. It garners repeat business from reviews and return visits as well. Try partnering with a lodging property to see what increases you gain in your revenue.

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Newport Area Upcoming Events Posted November 25, 2015



By Samantha Chilafoux

It is without a doubt almost every one of us has stayed in a hotel at least once throughout our lives. Whether it be an overnight stay before a flight in a basic room with a bed and bath, or 5 nights in a suite for that dream vacation you’ve been saving up for!

Now I don’t know about you but, now I am thinking of a beautiful beach in Maui or maybe the top of Jay Peak VT with my snowboard. Our trip is booked, we are ready to get away and have some fun. Don’t forget the check list- Clothes? Conditioner? Oh, almost forgot the toothpaste! Imagine it in your head, you have just arrived and walk in to your suite. It was an easy choice after all, look at the pictures, the space! Now let me ask you, what makes a suite, well, sweet? Is it the robes, the big bed, or maybe that Jacuzzi tub you’ve been dying to try out?


I have worked in the hospitality industry for several years now and I think I have discovered what makes a suite, sweet. Want to know more, keep reading!

When you walk in to the room, there has to be that “wow” moment. Your eyes cannot focus because there is so much to see in the best way possible. You question yourself what to do first; jump on the King size bed and watch T.V, turn on the fireplace and fill up the huge tub, or spin around in the bucket chairs and look at how immaculate everything is? There is the picture I painted for you. Can you see it? Do you love it? I know I do. So we’ve had our “ahh” moment now its time to focus! Our suite is unbelievable but there needs to be more than just the initial reaction of wow to make it sweet, right? Now we are going to enter the bathroom and find more surprises! Is it the beautiful vanity and chair, the huge shower with a fantastic shower head, or the soft fuzzy bath mat begging you to take your socks off and step on it? Is it the luxury robes, the towels that feel like butter, the spotless floor tiles, or the perfectly pointed toilet paper?

I think it is everything. It is the big details that make you smile, and the little details that make you comfortable and together creates the perfect getaway! On your next vacation make sure you find out How Suite It Is!