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November is well known as “stick season”. That odd time of year when Thanksgiving is arguably the highlight of the month.

Halloween is gone, fall foliage is nearly gone with piles of leaves to clean up and the trees are left barren and gray, like sticks in the wind. Hence the saying “stick season”. The good news is that there are still some fun events and sports activities to take part in.

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The Barton Fair is over. If you live and work in the Northeast Kingdom, you know that fall foliage season has arrived.

As the days get shorter, the cool breezes of autumn start to trickle in and the nights become chilly as the sun goes down. The wonderful green trees that grace the hills and mountains start to take on scattered blotches of orange, a sign of the inevitable foliage season that is rapidly approaching. Colors seem to be getting a late start this year after a hotter than average summer.

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2018 Fall Foliage Colors in the Northeast Kingdom

Usually, the autumn colors gracing the hills and valleys of the Northeast Kingdom are at their best after a long, dry summer. If that rule continues to apply, then 2018 should be absolutely fantastic as rain was a bit lacking throughout the summer months and the heat index was unusually high.

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With the spectacular Newport Centennial now in the rear view mirror, it truly seems like summer is half way over. The Orleans County Fair is less than a month away, starting on August 15th. As the Northeast Kingdom saying goes, “…once the fair has come, summer is pretty much over.”

With that being said, there are still a multitude of things to see and do in Orleans County.

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Trek to Canada on the Newport – Beebe Bike Path

Walking and biking enthusiasts will be thrilled to know about proposed changes coming to the Newport area.

The Newport to Beebe bike path (the trail’s name is derived from the historic community of Beebe Plain, which straddles the US–Canada border) is a former railroad route along the eastern shore of Lake Memphremagog to Vermont’s border with Canada.

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Newport, Vermont Centennial Posted May 23, 2018


The City of Newport is preparing for a Centennial celebration. In 1918, the village of Newport and Town of West Derby merged into what we now call the City of Newport.

A fun filled celebration begins on June 29, 2018 through July 6, 2018 to commemorate the City’s 100th birthday. This is the perfect opportunity for locals and visitors alike to revel in the festivities and ponder the beauty of the area.

Newport VT Centennial


There will be a huge number of events planned including exhibitions, a parade, a naval battle reenactment at Prouty Beach, food vendors and much more. The Newport Centennial Parade is planned for June 30th. People of all ages will enjoy the Centennial Birthday Bash in Gardner Park. These are just a few of the events for everyone to take part in. Free admission to the community and open to all ages.

The big finale of the event is Wednesday, July 4, with activities in the park, bed races and an awesome fireworks finish.

Newport City History

History buffs will be delighted to see and enjoy many of Newport City’s remarkable landmarks and historical resources, some of which have been created especially for the Centennial birthday bash.

Collectors can also purchase commemorative bronze and silver coins, specialty envelopes and post marks and an intricate City portrait. Other souvenirs from the event include hats, t-shirts, magnets and drinking glasses.

Newport VT Centennial Coins and GlassA new book celebrating Newport’s 100th birthday

In honor of Newport’s 100th birthday, Scott Wheeler, the publisher of Vermont’s Northland Journal, has released a new book called “Newport’s Centennial – Voices from a Lakeside Community“, which is the city’s history told by the Vermonter’s who lived it.

More than two dozen residents or former residents of the city share their memories of Newport in an earlier time. In addition to the stories, the 150-plus-page book includes more than 125 historic photos of Newport.

Newport City dresses up for it’s birthday

With the event soon approaching, repairs are being made to two of the city’s iconic clocks. Signs are under construction to promote the event and the Goodrich Library is working hard to prepare historical displays for all to enjoy.

More information

For up-to-date information about the Newport City Centennial Celebration be sure to check out the event’s Facebook page. Many thanks to Laura Dolgin and the City of Newport for the photos used here.

Parade Information for those staying (or planning to stay) at Newport City Inn & Suites or Derby Four Seasons Inn & Suites: On Saturday, June 30, the city will close off road links for the duration of the parade – from about 10:00am to 2:00pm. You might want to arrive before 9:00am.


The Newport City Inn & Suites along with the Derby Four Seasons Inn & Suites are the hub of many activities in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. The Newport area is blessed with the spectacular Lake Memphremagog, which extends beyond the northern border into Quebec. Newport’s colorful history is the subject of many books, including some authoritative works by local writer, Scott Wheeler of  Vermont’s Northland Journal.

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The first day of Spring in Vermont 2018 will be off to a cold start, with temperatures in the 30’s. However with that being said, an old, New England quote from Mark Twain’s certainly applies. He is reputed to have said, “If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute.”

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Let’s face it, winter’s are long in Vermont’s northeast kingdom. We tend to get more snowfall and lower temperatures than the rest of the state, so let’s just say we’re very, very good at “keeping our cool” up here in God’s country.

One of the things that has become an annual event is the Memphremagog Winter Swimming Festival

Organized and run by Kingdom Games, it’s one of the more unusual though extremely popular events in the Newport area. Although there are a number of informal, “penguin plunges” that take place during the winter month’s in Vermont, this swimming event is for the more hardy and competitive thrill seekers.

To get a preview of the event, check out the 2017 Memphremagog Winter Swim Festival, 50m Freestyle video below:

The swimming event takes place on February 23, 24, and 25, 2018 in Newport, VT on Lake Memphremagog. The schedule of events for 2018 and much more are posted here.

After attending the Swimming Festival, warm up and enjoy a performance of Lotus Land at the Jay Peak Resort

Are you a Rush fan or just looking to enjoy a good night with some great music?

When: Saturday, February 24, 2018 9:00 PM – 11:59 PM
Where: Foelger Ballroom, Jay Peak Resort, Jay, VT

With an unparalleled performance, The American RUSH Tribute Lotus Land brings the force of live Rush to life on stage. Enjoyed by die-hard Rush fans, musicians, and casual music listeners alike, the Lotus Land experience has been heralded as the ultimate celebration of RUSH’s musical craftsmanship and spirited performances.

With the true set up and sound of the Canadian power trio, Lotus Land delivers the thrill that people expect when they see RUSH in concert. Their performances have wowed sold-out houses in premiere concert venues and their fan base continues to grow nationally and internationally.

Order tickets and get more information here.


If there’s one thing that the Northeast Kingdom is famous for it’s winter events and activities.

Winter often lingers around a bit longer in the northern regions of Vermont, to the delight of winter sports enthusiasts. Island Pond is well known as the “snowmobiling capital of the northeast” for very good reasons. Discover just a few of the activities and things you can do to enjoy winter in the Northeast Kingdom.

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