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Irasburg Room

Room Description

The Irasburg Room is a small but comfortable room with a full bathroom, full size bed, nightstand, Keurig Machine with 2 complimentary K-Cups, desk and chair. This room is located in our original Newport City Inn and Suites building. Amenities also include wireless Internet, cable television, in-room air conditioning.Book now

Northeast Kingdom Facts (from WikiPedia): The land now known as Irasburg Vermont was granted on February 23, 1781, to Ira Allen, by the General Assembly of Vermont. At this point in time, the lands of Vermont were claimed by both New Hampshire and Maine. The Continental Congress ordered that the land would not be distributed until the inhabitants of Maine, New Hampshire, and the land known as “Vermont” resolved the conflict of who truly owned the land. The General assembly of Vermont ignored this order however and Vermont was granted to 40-70 individuals. The Allens leased the land which they had received to settlers. Although Ira Allen was the first to be granted land, Irasburg’s first settler was Caleb Leach in 1798. No land was conveyed by deed however, until Ira H. Allen, son of Ira Allen, became town resident in 1814.