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Coventry Falls Room

Room Description

The Coventry Falls Room includes a full bathroom, two full size beds with a nightstand,  desk and chair, a dresser and media center. This room is located in the original Newport City Inn and Suites building. Amenities include wireless Internet, cable television & flat screen TV, Keurig Machine with 2 complimentary K-Cups, refrigerator and microwave, in-room air conditioning. Book now

Northeast Kingdom Facts (from WikiPedia): Coventry is a small town in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. The town was named for the birthplace of one of the founders, Major Elias Buel, who was born in Coventry, Connecticut. In 2004, what was billed as the final concert of the band Phish was held in Coventry on August 14–15. The concert was the single largest gathering of people in the town’s history. Some fans had to be turned back due to heavy rains. Even so, with 65,000 attendees Coventry’s augmented population was the largest in the state at that time, outranking Burlington, Vermont, which had around 39,000 people in the 2000 census.