About Us

The Newport City Inn & Suites has a long tradition of welcoming guests to a home away from home. To get the complete history of the Inn we have to take you back to 1952 when Mr. Roy owned the place. He operated the 16 unit Roy’s Motel with his family.


In 1962 Paul Bouffard purchased the motel and continued to operate it long with his family. He also added a second story done in two phases. In 1972 the construction of 22 new units were added to the left of the lobby.

Fred Oeschger and the former Andy Therrien purchased the motel as a partnership. A lobby and office where added to the front of the original house. After the loss of his business partner in 1991, Fred continued to operate the Inn and in 1994 continued renovations with the addition of a heated indoor swimming pool, hot tub, and fitness room. In 1995 the old office canopy was removed and the tower enclosure of the middle stairway was completed. Renovations continued in 2004 with an update of the office and Inn which was completed in 2008.

To continue the Newport City Inn & Suites long tradition of operating as a family establishment, Fred and his wife Joyce decided to sell the establishment to their youngest son Darrick in 2012. He continues on in the family business that he grew up in, and along with his staff have remained committed to their guests, striving to provide a comfortable and memorable stay in the Northeast Kingdom. The Newport City Inn & Suites are located 7 minutes from Interstate I 91 and is a choice property for staying in the Northeast Kingdom and Newport area.

Newport City Inn & Suites Map

To Our Guests,

The Newport City Inn & Suites is proud to be part of this community, opening its doors and extending to everyone, warmth and friendship. When looking for lodging, after all, there are literally thousands of hotels of all types and sizes across the nation, and we at the Newport City Inn & Suites put our best foot forward to maintain the “unique aspect” of our lodging industry… we do it better, more affordable and always with courtesy! We hope you will continues to stay with us in your travels… because we continue to strive on customer satisfaction.

Darrick Granai