20 Interesting Facts about Vermont! How Many of these did you know?

1.The Green Mountain State is the other name of Vermont.

2.The state has earned a substantial amount of acclaim for its maple syrup.

3.The officially recognized fair of Vermont is staged in Rutland. The event is organized every September.

4.Mount Mansfield has a height of 4,393 feet. It is the tallest location in the state.

5.In 1609 Samuel de Champlain went around Vermont and claimed ownership of the state as a representative of France.

6.It was in 1724 that the English settlers turned up at the state.

7.Vermont became a part of USA on 4th March 1791. It was the 14th state.

8.The French words verts monts signify mountains that are green in color. These are the source word for the state’s name.

9.The earliest indigenous tribes to have resided in Vermont are Abenaki, Penacook and Mahican.

10.Of all the state capitals in USA, Montpellier has the slightest population.

11.Freedom and Unity is the officially accepted motto.

12.Sugar maple is the officially recognized tree.

13.Apple is the officially acknowledged fruit of Vermont.

14.Washington is the state’s geographic center.

15.Fort Ste. Anne was set up in 1666. It was the earliest French establishment in Vermont.

16.The earliest constitution was accepted in 1777.

17.Phish, a famous rock music outfit started its career in Burlington.

18.IBM and Ben & Jerry’s are the largest providers of jobs in the state.

19.Crown Point and Fort Ticonderoga were won by the Green Mountain Boys, who were helmed by Ethan Allen, in 1775. It is regarded as an important victory at the time of the American Revolutionary War.

20.New York and New Hampshire have laid claim to the state at various occasions.


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